Aleksandar Vejnovic is an art educator, media ecologist and author. He studied sound and media culture in Darmstadt and Corfu. He currently teaches Acoustic Ecology, Intercultural Audience Development and Media Philosophy at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore he conceptualizes media art projects for elementary and secondary schools, participates in international conferences and writes for trade journals. As a research member of the Soundscape and Environmental Media Lab at the Darmstadt UAS, he focuses on media aesthetics, 3D audio and soundscape studies.

Facilitation and empowerment for open public exemplified on a case study

Acoustic Ecology in 21st century is facing a transition of generations in art and science. With the emergence of new digital media technology and running discourses about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, new approaches of listening and awareness of the sonic environment leads towards a rising field of interest. The leading question is: How can artists, educators, soundscape researchers facilitate awareness to the auditive sense and sonic environmental issues to the general public through digital media technology? The opening of this listening path for the general public will be by the end of September 2019 and counts as a sustainable project. This exemplifies a method of Audience Development in the frame of Acoustic Ecology and a strategy to bring the public closer to the sonic environment by the use of digital technology.