Aloïs is a media artist and experimental musician who explores the relationship and interaction between people, sound and the outside world. His work is influenced by both scientific approach and human imperfection in understanding nature.  Alois uses a wide range of media, from interactive installation to “speculative design” and live audiovisual performance. Among the important milestones of Aloïs portfolio are the artistic residence at the Institute of Spatial Sound 4DSOUND in Budapest (2017) or the honorable mention from the Austrian festival Ars Electronica (2016). Besides European countries such as Great Britain, Iceland, Sweden and Finland Yang also presented his work in Taiwan, Japan or as part of an artistic residency in Brazil, where he developed the Micro Loop Macro Cycle performance. This series of installations, performance, video and audio production explores the environmental system through studies of different water formations. Aloïs Yang grew up in Taiwan, currently oscillating between Berlin and Prague.

Sonic Animism: The Emergences of 30-Feedback-System

 is a body & sound performance that investigates the state of the sentient-being on the non human agency brought by technology.The framework of the performance is an artificial environmental cycle system that incorporates each element as the whole. It consists of 5 inputs of various types of wearable microphones, and 5 outputs of speakers covering each corner of the exhibition room. From the inner space of the machines which are processing the system– the unique sonic characters are revealed by electromagnetic sensors. To the outer space of the exhibition room– the spatial informations are manifested through audio feedback loops. They are all inter-connected as chains of cause and effect forming as many as 30 individual “sonic happenings” that mirror the dynamic states of present time-space. With this performance, Yang challenges the separation between the “objective existence” and the “subjective experience”. He aims to transform the hierarchic relationship between man and the man-made preconception of machines and physical phenomena to a coexistence of self-reflections within each other.