AVA kolektiv connects adventurous music with extraordinary places and community vibe. Experimental music from contemporary club electronics to electro-acoustic production meets the atmosphere of unrivalled spaces – from abandoned warehouses to old houses’ roofs.

Moving Spaces

Moving Spaces is a site-specific project from AVA kolektiv. It’s members are Martin Bukáček (Snediggen Snurssla), Matěj Kotouček (Thistle, Sky to Speak, Sun Drugs), Andrej Nechaj (Tatratank) and Marek Salamon (Spectral Index). The most frequent result of their cooperation is an audio intervention on the edge between performance and installation, which is being created right on the spot in consideration to the architectonic, social and geographical context. Usually there are improvisations with field recordings that come from a shared archive of all four project members. In Moving Spaces all individual approaches are essentially melted into one mutating final form. Each resulting situation is being preceded by deep listening, sounds collecting, archive completing summarized with a final 4-channel audio improvisation. Spatial collage stimulates the listener to a movement between the speakers, and become an active part of improvisation. Moving Spaces are moving their activities to authorial compositions. One of them is STEPS composition (Radiocustica, 2017), which reconstructs a movement through a soundscape and it’s central topic is walk. Similar approaches can also be heard in their output from residency in Žipa for Mappa label as a part of Ušami project (2018).