Balázs Kovács, Dr. Habil. is the hungarian philosopher and sound artist, head of the Electronic Music and Media Arts BA study programme on the University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts. Since 2013 he works on introducing and realizing a decentralized media art and nature project, called Hangfarm (Soundfarm).

Hangfarm project presentation

In this presentation I’m going to discuss the contacts of electronic media arts and nature in the frames of the Hangfarm (soundfarm) project started in 2013. The project covers installations, compositions, performences realized on abandoned fields, forests, village houses in and around Ellend (a south hungarian small) village, concluding in yearly artist camps, symposions. Hangfarm’s general approach is against the traditional acoustic ecology methods: we feel points of cooperation between technology (or simply: electricity), noise, and nature, as we feel it in nature itself as well.