Irena Pivka new media artist, scenographer, producer. She is co-founder of gallery Stekleink produced by Cona institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. In her artistic practice she colaborate with Brane Zorman. Their performative works investigate urban space through sound, listening and new media. These works constitute perception of a space in a new way and strengthen the interaction/awareness of the landscape and listening. The authors are working on locational sound works and sound maps for the past few years.

Sound Ecology within Contemporary Art Practice

Steklenik, gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art is an art programe in the space of Tivoli Greenhouse in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It addresses works that are connecting art and science practices through sonic research of nature and environment. Presented artworks range from bioacoustics, sound ecology, soundscapes, sound art, etc. They are intended for curious public, interested in joint experience of botanic observation and listening to the current artwork from Steklenik programe.