Jarosław Jaworek is historian and musician, instrumentalist; PhD student at the Department of History, Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) in Poznan (Poland). Studied history at the Department of History, Wroclaw University, historical anthropology at the Sorbonne, Paris IV in Paris, as well as at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Music in Wroclaw. His dissertation focuses on the role played by sound and soundscapes in the historical research.

Soundscape Ecology in the Perspective of Environmental and Sound History

Drawing inspiration from environmental history (especially environmental history of sound and noise) and from non-­‐anthropocentric approaches, in my paper I will be tracing the agency of sound in terms of human-­‐nature relations and will focus especially on destructive impact of anthropogenic sound on ecosystems’ soundscape. As scientists point out sound and soundscape can cause physical and mental problems (including sound-­‐death on mass scale caused, for example, by noise). This issue I will consider as a part of soundscape or acoustic ecology, but also as an interesting topic for historical soundscape studies. I will be stressing that sound history (as a new sub-­discipline of historical science) can be used to raise awareness of the destructive force of sound.