Jeff Gburek Is a multi-instrumentalist, sound-designer and composer, field-recordist, radio artist and poet. He founded and worked for more than 10 years in the dance theater & butoh company called Djalma Primordial Science and held an artistic residency visa in Berlin, provided live and composed sound for this project. Jeff performed widely in the USA and conducted field research on trance-dance and music in Bali, Java and Sonoran Desert of Mexico and studied butoh in Japan with Min Tanaka, Kazuo & Yoshito Ohno (1998). More recently Jeff Gburek has played solo at DYM Festival in Gorzow Wielkopolska,  Festiwal Muzykofilia in Torun and performing with Ana Kavalis in Berlin at Tatwerk Performance Forschung as part of Berlin’s Performing Arts Festival. Jeff’s hoerspiel and radio art have aired recently on Radiofrenia Glasgow, where his work has been featured for 3 years running. Through musical collaboration and leading workshops on improvisational music and interpretation of graphic scores, Jeff also works with sound installations (including multi-channel diffusion), composing audio pieces for shortwave radio and curating concerts in Berlin and Poznan.

Call for New Animism, Received, Listening for the Reply


Working title for an inquiry into how constructed spaces for listening may or may not be functioning to bring about sensitivity to the actual winds of the cosmos, global problems and the limits (of controlling) interspecies communications. Also known as Where Does the Listening Really Begin? which is also the working title for the sound performance I will present at this conference, which shares some material with the aforementioned essay, but which is composed rather of field recordings, tones, timbres and a series of notebook entries made by synaesthetic eardrum talking to itself over the party line of forest, mycelia and jungle, meditating on the limitrophes and liminal experiences. With friendly voices.

Sound Strangers


Sound Strangers is an audio performance, a concerted commentary on the borderlessness of sound art in the form of Jeff’s literal praxis. For some years Jeff has been mixing his theoretical (ethical) and poetic concerns with his electro-acoustic music and field recordings to create sound worlds for all listeners, on all levels. Jeff’s works combine essay, found sound, citations, concrete and acousmatic sound with location-oriented phonography. In this way I arrive at the title for an ongoing series called “audible frontiers” .