Jiyun Park is a media artist based in Germany. She explores sensory and synaesthetic state through experimentation with materials in search of hidden and inherent sounds, spatial sound, and performances. Her works are mostly influenced by crossing the threshold of space and time in her surroundings. She is actively doing collaboration performances to expand her frame, e.x communicating by data, and human-sonic interaction.

Invisible Indicator

4 Channel Audio Performance. Trapped time inside clouds, reflected portraits on raindrops. This piece is composed of field recordings and electronic effects to design a space  andpersonal experience at middle of massive nature. Especially it is drafted of recordings from Iceland. This piece has own narrative and lead audience to be in spaces which can be a virtuality or reality / Inner or outer sound. It comes up with an experience of the artist, when she faced a perfect isolation, harsh environment and death by nature. The nature is never kind to human, but it exists just what it is.