Karolína Kotnour is an architect and artist dedicated to an architectural spatial and audio-visual production. She is focused on creating and initiating evolving architectures by transforming methods from neuroscience, machine learning, immersive and sound spatialisation research. In her projects and installations, she connects and synchronizes architectural and sound structures. She the reciprocal confrontation of sound waves as is a liberated contour of space’. She works with space as evolving over time, in parallels and mutual confrontations and reflections. A significant role plays human acoustic presence and performance. She observes extreme space phenomena e.g.: „acoustic black holes“ and transformation of sound vibrations in their surroundings. She is Ph.D. research fellow at FLOW studio at Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague.

Evolving Architectures – Spatial Adaptation and Extreme Dynamic Environments

The project proposes a new strategy for creating the evolving architectural structures with spatial sound prints as behavioural patterns and unique intuitive architectural environments. Evolving Architecture employs physical and virtual processes that are transformed and assembled into structures with the respect to the environmental qualities and capabilities, energy transmission and communication flow. Significantly expanding existing research, the project creates a meta-learning model useful for testing various aspects of continuous adaptation of agents in complex dynamic environments. This refers to the difficulty of designing artificial agents that can respond intelligently to evolving complex processes. The model can modulate the overall system transitions and predict its possible long-term outputs e.g.: the fact that important long-term consequences of human activity could follow from events that at first may seem marginal.